Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Big Short, Mia madre and the state of movies in general.

I don't need to do a  review of The Big Short you've already read them, its a fine movie. And that is exactly my issue, its a fine movie, nothing more. Amusing, yes,but Oscar worthy ? NO. The actors seam to be having fun good for them so are we, but all I honestly see is Ryan Gosling in a wig. As someone who was very young when the economical crash happened it helped me visualise it, so I learnt something. But I kind of felt like they were trying to hard to be the "clever movie", not to debauch because that would be too similar to the Wolf of Wall Street, but  instead the "clever" movie. If this is nominated for best picture well then that is just ... depressing. I know the Oscar has never been a serious award ceremony, more like a self congratulating party, but at least last year we had Boyhood ( which unfairly lost to the pretentious and meaningless Birdman). Boyhood felt like a proper movie, The Big Short more like a TV movie. I honestly don't think that movies are dying, I just think that there are too many, and most of them are terrible, so we have the impression that there aren't any good left. They're just harder to find.
If you want to see a great movie which I honestly believe to be a master piece, watch Mia Madre by Nanni Moretti . If there was one last movie to watch it would be this one, because it is about the death of cinema. One can either watch the movie as a emotional drama about two sibling letting go of their mother or that the mother is cinema itself. Watching the movie while knowing about the allegory is like watching it  with a new pair of eyes. I honestly see it as the conclusion of the Dolce Vita, after the Americanisation of Italy, Europe, here is the result...Watch it and really pay attention to the little details that make watching a film so much more worth while ( Why can't we see Rome properly ? What does the american represent as an actor and the role he is playing ? ) Oh and last thing if you love food, Japan and Crying the watch Sweet Red Bean Paste by Naomi Kawase, just a heartbreaking movie that will also make you hungry.

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