Saturday, 6 February 2016

A room of one's own ... While reading Virginia Woolf's essay I realised that I was lucky to be able to write freely and that I was not taking advantage of it...So that is what I am going to do ... Write. And I mustn't be ashamed or worry  if the writing is any good because I honestly doubt that any one will ever read this blog. I am just expressing myself because I can.

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Quick note: This is actually quite good,even though I was not that impressed by The waves . Her prose is astounding,no one can deny that, but I was never emotionally engaged with the characters, I never believed that they could be real. However  A room of one's own is much more fluid, I feel as though I am listening to her talk, as thought I were in her head. She has also persuaded me to read more Jane Austen, who's work I had always enjoyed but had never given much thought.

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