Saturday, 19 March 2016


I have never been really into music, but recently I have been discovering some new stuff. Here's a list of artists and songs, because who doesn't like a list ?

  • Talking Heads. I particularly enjoy Psycho killer and Road to nowhere. They are out of this world weird.
                                                                   innovative, quirky, Scottish-born, US-based musician, singer songwriter, filmmaker, photographer and writer, David Byrne:  
  • James Bay,I was so impressed by  Hold back the water I thought it was a cover from Bruce Springsteen. The song is great, his voice could be better.
                                                            Come on let it go  Just let it be  Why don't you be you  And I'll be me?  Everything's that broke  Leave it to the breeze  Let the ashes fall  Forget about me    --James Bay:

  • Well I'm specifically obsessed with Come on Eileen by Dexy's midnight Runners 
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen
  •      Valentina by The Hunts is pretty good ...
See original image

  • Who doesn't like Simone and Garfunkel ? So long Frank Lloyd Wright is a personal favourite
                               .                               Simon and Garfunkel:

  • And the Lumineers are back with their single Ophelia  !!!! All time favourite band.                                                          
                                                      The Lumineers Announce New Album 'Cleopatra' with Single 'Ophelia' and World Tour Dates - It's been nearly four years since The Lumineers broke out with their crossover folk hit "Ho Hey," and after legal battles and a series of contributions to various soundtracks, on Friday (Feb. 5), the band officially announced its sophomore album Cleopatra along with a spring world tour.:

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